•Zans African Medical - Innovative Solutions•

Welcome to Zans African Medical, a South African based supplier of innovative solutions to the diagnostic, medical, blood transfusion and academic communities in Africa. At Zans African Medical, our innovation is driven by our clients need for new solutions for their ever changing environment.

We offer cutting edge solutions in Blood transfusion and Blood Banking technologies in Blood component separation, Blood bags, tube sealers, tube strippers, blood donation scales, blood bag temperature monitoring indicators (Life Guard) and Non-Invasive haemoglobin screening using the NBM 200

At Zans African Medical we are in the forefront of Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) of HIV through provision of Dried Blood Spots (DBS) kits. We offer flexible kit solutions of various combinations of DBS Cards, Glassine Envelopes, Silica Indicating Gel, Humidity indicator cards, Low permeability double zipper bags, retractable lancets.

  The Orsense NBM 200 • Non-Invasive Haemoglobin Testing for Blood Banks:
   •  Immediate & reliable Anaemia Screening
   •  Increased donor comfort and return • no finger pricks
   •  Esay and safe to use
   •  Infection free
   •  Environmentally friendly
   •  No Biohazard waste handling
   •  European CE Marking Approved
Life Guard • Single Blood Bag Temperature:
   •  Stops wastage of Blood, its possible to re-use blood that could have been

   •  Increases patient safety by removing guesswork as to what might have
      happened to blood out side of the blood bank

   •  Full regulatory compliance as use of Life Guard can prove that blood handling
      has been compliant with all relevant regulatory standards at all times.

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