About Zans African Medical:   

Zans African Medical has been an innovative solutions provider to the medical, scientific, international agencies and non governmental sectors since 2003. Our strong background in medical/scientific field allows us to meet the ever changing scientists• needs for innovative solutions at their disposal coupled with cost containment.

Zans African Medical leads in the provision of rapid diagnostic test for Trichomonas Vaginalis using the Osom Trichomonas Rapid diagnostic test and the diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis using the BVBlue Rapid test. We also offer flexible solutions in Dry Blood Spot collection and offer QBC Diagnostic solutions for TB, Malaria and Dry haematology.

Zans African Medical also leads in the offering of cryogenic labeling solutions and accessories.


We supply the following products and product lines:

  • Blood bank consumables,
  • Blood bags,
  • Blood banking and transfusion equipment,
  • Rapid test kits,
  • Dry Blood Spot kits,
  • Malaria diagnostic kits and equipment,
  • TB Diagnostic kits and equipment,
  • Dry haematology analysers,
  • Malaria and TB diagnostics kits,
  • Cryogenic labelling consumables and equipment,
  • Hospital furniture,
  • Medical consumables,
  • Bio-hazardous waste containment accessories
  • Medical protective wear.

Our products are sought out by institutions in South Africa and around the African continent. These institutions include private pathology laboratories, universities, research/clinical trials, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and blood transfusion services.


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